, - 04/06/2017

New Menu Launch

Have you heard about the exciting new additions our Spring/Summer menus? We have enjoyed receiving and reviewing all our customer feedback and updating our menus to reflect this.


Like to dine before 6pm? Our Early Diner menus have some fantastic new starters such as the refreshingly delicious LEMONI SOUPA. Light and flavourful this dish is the perfect introduction to your meal. If you’re a fan of bangers and mash, we recommend our Greek twist on the classic dish with PASTOURMA POLTS. Our cured herbed and spiced sausages are accompanied with a deliciously smooth kalammata olive mash and gigandes (giant beans).



Our extensive research showed that our VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE menus have been widely enjoyed across all 3 restaurants and we are delighted to confirm that these menus will continue to be available everyday that we are open.