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Our Journey & Inspiration

Dean Wilson set up his first Greek/Mediterranean style restaurant in Lytham St Annes in 2007 with his second branch opening in Preston in 2014. Dean went on to refurbish and invest in Preston’s restaurant cellar to create a stunning cocktail bar area.

Deans commitment and passion for making modern Greek/Mediterranean dining experiences accessible and enjoyable for all allowed him to open the third Olive Tree Brasserie restaurant in Chester in July 2016.

The driving force behind his enthusiasm was the huge gap in the market for this style of food. Whilst modern Greek food is widely available ‘down south’ Dean felt the variety and availability in the North was somewhat lacking. Not wanting the North to miss out, Dean has spent the last 9 years creating and developing compelling menus to inspire and delight locals and tourists alike, ensuring quality and price are carefully considered on every dish.

Our Inspiration

Dean and his team regularly travel to Greece for inspiration, meeting with suppliers to find new and exciting products to bring back.

As well as delighting guests with authentic Greek/Cypriot beers, the Olive Tree Brasserie are proud suppliers of the rare Greek spirit Mastiha. This spirit, made from resin of a small evergreen tree that only grows in the southern part of the Greek Island of Chios is an exclusive natural product that boasts a delicious irresistible taste.

Our Inspiration