- 23/10/2017

Houmous x House Music

Houmous x House Music

Supper Club - A sell out success!

We excitedly hosted our very first Houmous x House Music event at our Chester restaurant on Saturday 14th October! DJ’s Geddes and Gioia entertained en mass as the food and wine flowed.

Paul ‘G’ Geddes who has been a prolific DJ in both London and Ibiza for over two decades and now plays alongside fellow DJ Frankie Gioia said “The crowd were just incredible and there was great scenes of people just having a great time, right from the start.’

The dining-cum-dancing experience saw nearly 90 diners enjoy a specially designed cocktail and meze menu, while enjoying soulful house classics from Chester’s most coveted duo. The doors were then opened to allow more revellers to enjoy the immersive dining event – one of the first of its kind in the city.

Dean, who founded the Greek/Mediterranean restaurant, said: “It’s not the first time we have combined dining with live music, but Houmous x House Music was truly something extra special. The atmosphere from the get-go was incredible – a great crowd with a love of good food and good music – a perfect combination for us.”

After dinner had been served, tables were moved to one side to allow for dancing which continued into the early hours as guests enjoyed the uplifting house music.

G said: “We couldn’t have asked for much more and we’re looking forward to planning the next one with Dean and his team.”

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